The Dino Construction Company is at it again! {Review and Giveaway}


Rawr! Crash! Boom! Are all phrases I’ve been hearing from across the room quite often. In our house it can only mean that my adventurous, fun-loving little boy is building things up and crashing things down with some sorta creature in tow. He will take just about anything that’s lying around and make something simply amazing. No bells, whistles, lights or other prompts to get him started. His imaginative adventures are always so intriguing and I’m glad he often likes to include me in on them.

In the past, I’ve mentioned the Dino Construction Company here on my blog. Those neat dino toys that also double as construction vehicles have lasted for many years. Each toy still remains a few of my sons absolute favorites to play with both in and outdoors. I’m excited to share that there are a few new toys in this line which stick to a similar theme but are smaller in size. We were sent two about a month ago to share our thoughts and experiences on.

The Dino Construction Company Helix the Stegosaurus Cement Mixer  is well loved by my 4 1/2 year old son. He told me that he likes the smaller size because he can bring it along almost anywhere with him. The little action figure was a great addition to the set because he’s into those now. Sometimes his other action figures join him and the dinosaur guy for some fun filled adventures of repaving the sidewalk after a big monster came through the town and wrecked it.

The durability of the cement mixer is good. My son tends to put a lot of pressure and force into his toys. The plastic isn’t the strongest but the fact it’s still in once piece wins my praises. The wheels on the bottom of the cement mixer vehicle dinosaur leaves tracks when it goes across damp dirt or sand. The mouth of the dino opens and closes which is perfect for carrying construction pieces or scooping up dirt. The cement mixer turn to the left and right and lifts up so the sand can go down the tail into the desired area.

As a parent, I appreciate it’s completely kid-powered with no batteries needed. I like it’s withstanding play and that it can be paired with other sets from the Dino Construction line. It’s an excellent choice that promotes all sorts of wonderful things like story-telling, exploration, and developing fine and gross motor skills.


The Dino Construction Company Build & Smash Set  comes with 20-pieces that can be used to create all sorts of fun structures and scenes that can be destroyed or re-built over and over again. This set is made up of a Dino-man action figure, a few fossil lined rocks, construction barriers, barrel barriers, and both short and long pipes. My son adores building so this set highly appeals to him. The pipes are can be used to build structures up high or down low. On each pipe there is a grove in which another pipe can sit upon. I like that the pieces don’t have to be forced to stay together. Everything was built for a child to be able to manipulate all on their own.


My son has paired this set with his Dino Construction Company™ vehicle. He’s been making his dino vehicle carry the pipes in it’s mouth to the desired building spot. I love watching him play with this set. His imagination runs wild and his story telling skills informing we of what’s going on are very precise. He’s  had his little dino action figure go on digs and discover the fossils inside the rocks. This set like the others in the Dino Construction line is completely battery-free and 100% kid powered. I think it’s great alone but even better paired with the other sets.
Overall Thoughts: I think these sets are a good choice for boys and girls ages 3 and up. The re-playability has been high with my son. My son has become a bigger dinosaur fan recently so I feel any fans of dinosaurs will be completely thrilled with any of the toys from the Dino Construction line.

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