Santa Fe Art Supply Artist Brush Set {Review}

In freeing up time to be more creative, I decided to try my hand at watercolor this Summer. In, preparing myself as a complete novice, I delved straight in. Art can be a wonderful way to express ones self but if being held back by wrong supplies, it can cause great stress! DSCN3901
I highly recommend doing a moderate amount of research for the proper tools and supplies needed to make for the most enjoyable experience. I’m happy to say that my experience was wonderful! The Santa Fe Art Supply Artist Brush Set I was sent to review couldn’t been a more enjoyable tool for my new artistic journey in Watercolor painting.

DSCN3906The Santa Fe Art Supply Artist Brush Set has 15 brushes each varying in size (000-12) and shape (round, flat, filbert, fan, wide). The brushes have 12 inch long wooden handles. The set comes in a black zipper case which when not in use can be zipped close. When the case is open brushes lay flat but there’s also an option to prop each side up in a stand position with a velcro strip. The nice thing about the case is that it’s easy to bring along anywhere I would like to go with it! I like everything is contained in one place!

These brushes feature soft Precision Synthetic Hair Brush Tips. These ideally can be used for oil, Acrylic, Watercolor, Ink, Gauche and Face Paint on any canvas.


I found my experience when using these with watercolor to be quite favorable. The brushes felt very light and comfortable in my hand. The stroke of each of the brushes flowed freely on my canvases of choice. The variety of sizes and shapes gave me a lot of freedom in my art. The brushes dried in a reasonable amount of time after washing with warm water and soap per recommendations. I’m a complete novice when it comes to painting but felt that these brushes could be used for those far more advanced in skill and level. I highly recommend these!