Picnics Made Easy with Harvey’s Table Cloth & Clamps


Harvey’s Picnic table cloth and clamps have a been a helpful aid in providing my family and friends a favorable time when camping or spending the day at the park. After using this product, I have thought of many times were it would have been nice to have a clean and sanitary surface to place food or crafting activities. This product trumps no coverage or a minimal coverage table cloth that typically would flap up in the air when a breeze comes by making a mess of scattering contents everywhere!


\This size of this attractive vinyl red gingham picnic cloth is 54 x 72 inch and fits your average sized picnic table perfectly. The cloth has a good thickness and it wipes clean easily. There are six clamps in the set. You can use two on each end of the table and two on each side of the middle. The clamps are easy to slide over table edges and at maximum can fit tables with a 2 inch thickness. I feel that the quality of the table cloth will last well over a Summer season. When the cloth wears out, the clamps can still be used with any other desired table cloth covering. This set is something I’d been without but feel I would have been happier in having it much sooner! I won’t leave home without if we plan on doing anything fun outdoors whether it be camping, picnicking at the park, or throwing a crafting party!

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*I received this product to share my honest thoughts. There was no compensation provided other than the free product. *