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I count it as a true blessing that The Beginners Bible has been blessing families for 25 years now! Through their material children learn about Biblical characters and about how much God loves them in a simple and easy to understand way.  I’ve been using the many resources from the Beginner’s Bible for both my kids for seven and half years now! They offer Bibles, DVDs, an App for the iPad, Activity Books, Beginner Readers, Simplified Bible Storybooks, and a website full of many free printable that can be used at home or a church classroom! 

Below are a few offerings that my family and I are incorporating into our daily family devotionals and in our homeschooling Bible study class for the 2015-2016 school year.  I’m providing a short blurb about what to expect and link to each if you are interested in choosing these for your own family or classroom.

Fullscreen capture 8262015 124121 PMThe Beginner‘s Bible Collector’s Edition Hardcover storybook Bible with CDs and DVDs
Ages 4 & Up | Price: $39.99 

The Beginner’s Bible, the bestselling Bible storybook of all time with over 6 million copies sold, is now available in a Collector’s Edition that includes a slipcase, audio CDs, and animated videos of all 94 stories.

The storybook Bible covers both old and testament stories. The illustrations are friendly and my son loves it every time when I pull this book out to read it to him. I like that each story begins with where it can be found in scripture. There 94 stories on the DVD each not too long. These bite size amounts are nice to give a child a quick view of key stories found in the word of God.  There are corresponding audio cds to go with the storybook. This set is excellent! It spans age 4-8 years olds so it can grow with your child. This would make a wonderful gift to both boys and girls.


begbibleThe Beginner‘s Bible Holy Bible| NIrV Full text Bible
Ages 6 & Up| Price: $24.99

The Beginner’s Bible, Holy Bible, NIrV is an easy-to-read, large-print Bible for kids that features 18 color illustrations from the popular The Beginner’s Bible® and includes the complete New International Reader’s Version (NIrV) of the Bible translated especially for kids just learning to read.

This Bible was gifted to my seven year old daughter. The text is big and easy for her to see. There are recognizable illustrations from the storybooks and DVD’s found within. The illustrations have the key scripture in where each story is located in the Bible. In the back of the Bible, there are pages with 150 famous Bible stories. Each story has a little box where it can be checked off after it’s read and where it can be found.


begbiblejesusJesus Shows God’s Love | Paperback
Ages 4 & Up | Price: $3.99

Jesus Shows God’s Love comes to life in this Bible story using the art from the popular The Beginner’s Bible. Young children will learn about Jesus’ work on earth, teaching the message of God’s love to his disciples and people everywhere.

This book is a quick look into some of the things Jesus did while here on the earth. While it starts with his birth it doesn’t end with his resurrection. We really liked John the Baptist was included and that the gathering of disciples was here too.  This book was easy enough for my oldest to read on her own. I like this book is thin enough to bring along easily while we are on the go.


begbiblenoahThe Baby Beginner‘s Bible: Noah’s Ark
Ages 2 & Up | Price: 4.99

Noah’s Ark, based on the bestselling storybook Bible of all time, is part of the Baby Beginner’s Bible board book series that helps parents encourage even their youngest children to experience the Bible through colorful illustrations and simple words.

Even though this book is recommended for babies and toddlers, I’ve been using it for my four year old son for our reading lessons. It takes one through the story of Noah featuring one key word on each page. For example, the first page has the word Noah and there’s a picture of Noah and the second page has the word family with a picture of his family. The third page has the word build and shows a picture of Noah building. You get the picture. At the end of the book, there’s a simplified version of the the story of Noah and Ark to read to your child. This book has been a wonderful resource for sight word recognition for my son that’s learning to read. I count this book as a great asset for our schooling as my son is learning to read the words and taking this story to heart. 


begbibleactivityThe Beginner‘s Bible | Super-Duper Mighty Jumbo Activity Book
Ages 4 & Up | Price: $5.99

A big activity book filled with fun Bible activities designed to help young preschoolers learn more about key Bible stories and characters.

We adore this book! There are so many different activities within that build off of the stories found in the other Beginners Bible books! There are word searches, connect the dots, coloring sheets, letter tracing, flashcards to cut out, finish the picture, and so much more! We are using this book after our Bible readings and it’s helping the stories to stick!  This book is completely worth the dollar price!  It’s huge! 



begbiblereaderThe Beginner‘s Bible: I Can Read | Bible Story Favorites
Ages 5 & Up (for beginning readers) | Price: $11.99

Bible Story Favorites is a treasury of 5 popular Bible stories from the Beginner’s Bible I Can Read series. This hardcover edition features an audio reading of each of the stories with a read-along signal for turning pages.

In this book, children will read the story of Adam and Eve, Moses, Joseph, Jonah, and Jesus. I like there’s a listen along option with the included cd. I feel the audio will help children that may be struggling with reading get a firmer standing while listening along.  This book is perfect for beginning readers and the nice hardcover format ensures longevity in reading it over and over again.  The illustrations are nice and the stories are just the right length for reading without becoming overwhelming to a younger child.



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