EZ-Lid Silicone Lids and Food Covers

Some days I really despise storing away leftovers. In my attempts, I can locate a container simply but not as easily find it’s corresponding lid. When you let other people help with the dishes things just have way a of disappearing. Lid search and rescue goes up there on my list with missing socks. The struggle is real people! In most cases, I would opt for foil or saran wrap to cover the top of bowl but after awhile the usage adds up and we are spending more than needed in our budget on these products. 

The EZ-Lid Food covers I found to be a great solution to my time wasted lid searching and un-needed extra money spending ways. This set of two covers are FDA-approved and made out of a food grade silicone. The lids are ideally used for preserving and reheating all sorts of food.ezlidcovers2

I’ve found these to adhere strongly to glass, stainless steel, and many of my ceramic dishes. They are safe to use from -40°F to 450°F and are freezer, microwave, and dishwasher safe. I like the versatility each provides and the fact the 10.5 inch and 6 inch size fits most of my dishes. There is a hole on each for hanging so these don’t become misplaced.


The seal is strong! I simply push these onto the desired surface and a seal is created. It’s so strong you could pick up a dish just from holding the food cover. Even though I can, I won’t probably do that to prevent messes that could occur. The smaller size I mainly use for coffee mugs and small bowls and the large one I use for most left overs or to keep things warm on the stove.

I am happy with this set and am hoping other size and colors will be available in the future!