Boarding Schools

Books-3Boarding schools are far from a new concept and have proven their effectiveness over the years. Parents looking for a place with structure and strong core values have been turning to boarding schools to help their children become the best they can. These parents are often faced with a series of decisions when looking at boarding schools. To help these concerned parents, here is a little rundown on the difference between traditional and Christian boarding schools.

The first thing that should be noted is that both types of boarding schools are very effective for the students that enroll. They both have caring professionals that believe in structure and teaching more than just academics. The goal of a good boarding school is to prepare children for the challenges they will face throughout their lives.

When parents think about a Christian boarding school, they imagine a lot of bible studies and praying. While Christian boarding schools like Wood Creek Academy feature specific Christian studies, bible studies and extra-curricular activities, this is only a small part of the daily lives of students. As we speak about major differences, this is really the only one. Some parents feel that the inclusion of religion teachings and values add to the benefits of boarding schools.

A traditional boarding school may not have the religious focus of their Christian counterparts, that does not make them any less useful or rewarding for students. The same life lessons are taught alongside with core academics to better prepare students for life outside as they grow up.

One thing that is common between both Christian boarding schools and non-religious boarding schools is the freedom they are given to control what is taught, how funds are displaced and who is admitted. This is the strongest benefit of any boarding school. Parents can easily research both religious and non-religious boarding schools to find one with a mission that matches their own parenting and family goals.

While public schools are chained to federal laws, boarding schools are allowed much greater freedom in how they teach their students. This allows for a more concentrated effort on faith, better ability troubled teenagers programs or any of a number of other focuses that public schools just can’t have.

Parents should always do their homework when looking at boarding schools. No matter what type of boarding school, their mission should always run closely to that of the parents.