Our Lavender Festival Visit


This month was my second visit to the Clackamas Oregon Lavender festival.  My husband and I visited  last year and decided to bring the kids along this time.  We were a bit wary about going because of the hot weather. Oregon has been having abnormally hot temperatures throughout the day ranging in the upper 90s to 100s. But when we went the skies were overcast and there was a lovely breeze. We went early and left right around the time when the heat was starting to rise. 

The smell of the lavender was delightful. I took many pictures to look back on of our visit. I’m aiming to visit the festival every year! The kids so enjoyed themselves. There was a water area where they could play and they could have stayed in it all day long. There was a station where kids could make giant bubbles using rope wands! The live music was good and the food smelled great. The environment was serene and the crowds friendly.DSCN3069
We decided to try something new and had Lavender ice cream while at the festival and the verdict was that we all thought it was a bit too sweet! I felt like I had doused a good amount of doTerra essential oil on it. Not for us but maybe someone else loves it. I just wanted to experience something new together.  Maybe next time we’ll try the lavender lemonade and pick a bundle of lavendar from the field to bring home to make sachets.

Oregon is so very beautiful and has so much to offer if one dares to find it! Speaking of, later this month we’ll visiting and exploring Astoria Oregon!