Just add Watercolor {Book Review}


Just Add Watercolor is a beautiful book meant to be an inspirational guide to both the beginner and more advanced watercolor artist. Inside one will find tips, methods, and personal insights from 74 amazing artist. We see watercolor explored in using mixed media such as digital, goucha, stenciling, and so on. The variety of styles and techniques are all so interesting and great prompts to explore more in those areas to a budding artist.

Navigating through this book is fairly easy to do. There’s a pictorial guide found in the front of the book that points to the corresponding page it can be found on. This is perfect to pick a style you want to try right away or to locate where you’d been previously.

The pages throughout the book feature a right up on the left side from the artist about how they went about creating their art and on the right side is a picture of their work. There are paintings of birds, animals, landscapes, cities, and so many more. My four year old son loves flipping through this book with me to gaze upon all the thought provoking images. I liked that if we want to purse one of the artists work further that the back of the book has a lists of their websites to do so.

I plan on going back to this book over and over as I explore the world of watercolor. I also plan on using this book as a resource in teaching my children about this art method in our homeschooling. I completely recommend it.

“I received this book from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for an honest review.”