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I learned cursive as a child and still use it to this very day.  I always find putting pen to paper to help me sort out my thoughts a lot easier than on an electric device. In fact, studies have shown that writing by hand helps students to process information better and recall information much more easily.  I feel it’s important for everyone to be able to read and write cursive. It helps with fine motor skills and sharpens ones mind in so many amazing ways. In knowing all of the benefits cursive provides, I have found it quite important to teach both of my children this skill and am happy homeschooling provides me the freedom to do so.

In being a member of the Schoolhouse Crew Review team, I was introduced to CursiveLogic, a penmanship curriculum that introduces learning cursive in a whole new way. I was sent the single top-spiral bound CursiveLogic Workbook  to share my experience with while using it with my daughter. In having attempted a previous method and not getting very far, this new attempt of learning cursive shows great promise.

About the Curriculum:  
CursiveLogic is a comprehensive curriculum that allows one to expand their penmanship skills and discover an almost lost art.  The lessons offered in the book introduce just four basic shape strokes that make up the entire cursive alphabet. Shape strokes are color coded to aid in memorization and simplify what’s being learned.  Letters that have the same general stroke are grouped together into the same lesson. In this workbook, the lowercase alphabet is learned first followed by the uppercase.

Every lesson introduction is laid out in the following easy to understand format;

  • Lesson Title- The Stroke that will be learned. The specific stroke itself and name will be color coded.
  • List of Print Lowercase letters- This list can be found on every page on the upper right hand corner.
  • Four Key Learning Point Sidebar- Important methods to follow for each lesson which include instructions for basic shape, start point, first stroke, and catch phrase. The catch phrase uses “verbal task analysis,” or saying an action verbally as it is performed manually, to aid the development of muscle memory and to give students a mnemonic they can return to over and over.
  • The Stroke- An image of the stroke to be learned with well written out instructions in how to carry out.
  • List of cursive Lowercase letters – This list features the print letters mentioned at the top of the lesson in a cursive letter string format. A letter string takes the same stroke and connects several different letters together right away.clogic3

Other things to expect in each lesson include tracing basic shapes, individual letters, connected letters, and words with and without guides. Students will be writing actual words at the end of each lesson which is a huge confidence booster! In ending, a descriptive summary is listed and teachers should make sure a child is proficient in that area before moving on to the next lesson. Further practice, if needed can be completed on the dry erase areas on the last few pages of the book.  Cursive Logic breaks down everything in the simplest format to ensure a stress-free learning experience for students no matter what their learning style.

How We Are Using This: My seven year old daughter has wanted to learn cursive but hasn’t stuck with it. We had tried many ways to help her get going in the past but her interest was lost very quickly. She’s not a fan of the repetition of learning one letter at a time so we stopped pursing it because it was more dread than it was worth when it was time for a lesson.  When I let her know I had come across another way to learn cursive to try out she was not very excited about it. But while looking through the CursiveLogic curriculum together it was like a light bulb went off in her head.  She gets it!

To start we’ve been taking it slow and doing a page two to three times a week. I feel it’s important to go at the pace of the student. I instruct her per the information given in the book which is very easy to follow. She likes using the catch phrase for each stroke and has continued to say it while making the stroke on paper. She is notorious for saying she’s forgotten how something goes but she hasn’t with this! I’m glad it’s sticking with her!

Her enthusiasm to continue in her penmanship lessons to create such beautiful letter writing through this program shows great promise. I am thrilled that the  CursiveLogic curriculum was created and that it’s unique style works for her!  To see her face light up when connecting letters together to form letters and words has made me so proud!

I feel this new approach works even better than the typical way most are familiar with. It goes much faster and one will be rewarded in this skill far sooner boosting confidence as one continues to learn. If thinking of teaching a child cursive or if you’ve given up because it just wasn’t working, I urge you to give this curriculum a try! I’ve got nothing but praise for it! 


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