Classic Groove Ice Pop Molds from Kitchenne {Review}


The Kitchenne Set of 6 Multi-Color Ice Pop Molds work exceptionally well! There’s no off putting odor and these are completely BPA-Free. The colors of pink, green, and yellow are bright and cheerful! I like the variety of colors because it gives me the opportunity to make different flavors each residing in it’s own color group.

Clean up is pretty simple. These can be washed by hand or placed in the dishwasher! There are no extra cleaning tools needs as there are no straws or hard to reach crevices to deal with. The base tray holds the Popsicle molds in place tightly! I’m no longer tip toeing or being super extra cautious when placing unfrozen pops in the freezer. These are easy to fill and really stay put on the base preventing any sticky messes on the floor or in my freezer!

After being frozen, Popsicles easily can be removed from the molds. If it doesn’t come out right away, that’s nothing a few seconds of running it under warm water can’t remedy. The drip guard keeps my kids from making a mess and dripping everywhere.

My family loves making our own Popsicles. In being able to customize flavors made, I am getting more vitamins and nutrients in my kids from fruits and yogurts that’d they typically never eat! The possibilities and combinations are completely endless. I’m so glad these molds aid in such a way for my family. I highly recommend this set!

A recipe I would recommend making can be found HERE.

*I received this item at a discounted price for my honest review.*