Chicken & Egg Update!


It’s been about 21 weeks since I brought our chickens home from the local Farm store and I’m pleased to announce that three out of six are laying eggs!
My Golden Sex Link has been laying since July 7th. My Rhode Island Red and Silver Laced Wyandotte started laying tiny little eggs this week. We are  getting 2-3 eggs a day now. My Golden has laid eggs everyday and I feel the others are just starting to get into the habit.

I’ve found it funny that my smaller chickens started laying first. We are still waiting on the Barred Rock Plymouth, Buckeye, and Cuckoo Maran which are far bigger! I am thinking the cooler weather prompted the egg laying but it looks like we have another week of 100’s upon us. We had a nice weekend of 70’s and rain as a break from the hot weather.  It’s a reminder that the Autumn season isn’t too far away. I personally can’t wait for it.

Egg size comparison from extra large to small.