Brillante Manual Coffee Grinder {Review}


The Brillante Manual Coffee Grinder I like to have on hand when away from home (camping), as a back up if my my electric grinder bites the dust, or when I forget to grind coffee and want to do quietly in the morning without waking the kids. Though advertised as a coffee grinder, it also works great for herbs and spices like pepper or coriander. It’s size allows for up to 8 tablespoons of coffee beans to be ground up at once. It’s perfect if I only need to make coffee for 1-2 people depending on preferred cup size. 

All pieces of the grinder can easily be detached for cleaning. I like that the handle is removable freeing up a lot of storage space. What’s neat about this grinder is that one can adjust the grind size from small to medium. I had to play with it a bit to get the right size for my French press. Once I found my preferred ground size, I’ve left it on that setting for future grinding use. One of my favorite benefits of using a manual grinder is that it doesn’t heat up the coffee beans like an electric grinder would. In so many words, you’ll get an even better cup of coffee going this route.

The grinder is pretty easy to use though it takes a bit of muscle. I would not recommend it for someone that gets pains in their hands easily. It might be a little hard to hold while putting a bit of effort out in using the crank handle. I didn’t have an issue but I felt it was something worth mentioning. I feel this is a affordable choice that’s easy to clean, compact for storage, and adjustable for most grinding needs.

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