101 Things Every Girl Should Know Expert Advice on Stuff Big and Small {Review}



101 Things Every Girl Should Know is a fun book for girls in the their pre-teen and up years. This book is full hints, tips, articles, quizzes, Q & A’s, journal prompts, and so much more that one can apply to their life.  Growing up can be hard as it presents all sorts of new challenges. This book can give girls a boost of confidence in becoming who they are meant to be in Christ! 

The ideas in this book are listed by number, there’s no index. I feel that it’s meant to be read through like a magazine or one could just flip it up to any spot and read what’s on that page. Articles and helpful advice given help girls learn how to shop, manage friendships, craft, cook, fine tune their beauty routines, be body conscious, and so much more.

I really appreciate the challenges in this book to look beyond oneself and be gracious toward others. It’s something you’d think would come natural but sometimes one needs a bit of reminding.  Other things are on breaking bad habits, forgiving yourself, how to handle stress, dealing with bullies, etc.

I would certainly recommend this book. It’s a breath of fresh air and a much better choice for all girls than other magazine on the market which are centered on boyfriends, make-up, stars, and popular fashion ( which isn’t always appropriate). This book was done well. It’s trendy, fun, and certainly inspirational.  I recommend it!

“I received this book from the Book Look Bloggers program in exchange for an honest review.”