Learning Resources – Create-a-Maze {Review & Giveaway!}

My children ages 7 and 4 enjoy mazes quite a bit. I like mazes too because I know in solving or creating our own that we are challenging our mind in new ways and boosting critical thinking skills. My children’s experience with mazes has mainly been with those strictly found in activity books and in games on the computer. Though recently, they were given a hands on approach to mazes. Many thanks to Learning Resources for the opportunity to share our experiences with their latest educational game Create-a Maze.  
Create-a Maze is a game that allows one to build mazes per the suggestions of the activity cards given or however one pleases. The main goal is to move either the red or the blue ball from one goal side to the other.

The colorful pieces of various sizes and shapes are interesting to explore and maneuver. There are swirls, curves, waves, straight lines, and more to guide each ball along, over, and through.  To make the ball move, one will hold one side of both of the main base and tilt it however needed to reach the goal.

My kids get to consumed when playing with this set. They’d followed the activities and have created mazes of their very own. When they play the house gets so quiet as their minds are contemplating what to do or how they’d like to build. I so love seeing their concentration! They are so proud of the mazes they construct and are over eager to share their design with me once they’ve tested to see if it’ll work.

This set is well constructed and the pieces are easy to maneuver into the holes on the main base. The set can easily be stored back into the box from whence it came. The activity cards can withstand a good amount of handling and the instructions on each are easy to understand and act upon.

 I feel this is a great game for ages four and up. Children can play alone or with up to three more people. We totally recommend it!

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