How to Get Your Kids Excited About Learning at Home!

Happy-Girl-How to Get Your Kids Excited About Learning at Home

Studies found that kids who read and engage in educational activities at home do better in school and have a higher chance of finishing high school and going to college. Even if you spend 40 hours or more working outside of your home, you can still have some fun with your kids. Look for ways to educate your kids, have fun together and maybe even learn something yourself.
Local History Museums

Local history museums are a great source of information. No matter where you live, the odds are good that there are at least a few historical sites and museums in your area. Check with the Department of Natural Resources in your state. The DNR often has a list of historical sites available and information about nearby sites designated as historically important by your state. Plan a weekend road trip to visit at least one site. You may even want to spend the weekend in a hotel or camping and visiting multiple sites.

Homework Rewards System

Implementing a homework rewards system is one fun and easy way to get your kids excited about learning and studying. Create a chart that shows them how much work they need to do to earn different types of rewards. You might reward them a point every time they finish an assignment, complete work for a specific class or read a chapter in a textbook or assigned book. Possible rewards for your kids might include an hour of television, a sleepover with their friends or a new video game or toy.

Family Game Night

Hosting a family game night lets you sit down together as a family and play a game together. Instead of using Monopoly or a traditional board game, look for educational board games like those from Ody-See USA. Educational board games teach players about history, geography and about different people and cultures. You’ll find games suitable for both younger and older players and games that will keep all members of your family entertained. Learn more about educational board games before selecting one for your next game night.