Graduation Style Tips for High School Students

student-hat-2Graduation Style Tips for High School Students

You are only going to graduate from high school once, and you want to make sure to look the part. You know that you and your fellow classmates will all be wearing the same cap and gown, but what you choose to put on underneath is still important. When it is time to discard the colored robes, you want to be ready for your post ceremony photos and celebrations. Below are some simple suggestions to help you decide what to wear.

Follow the Dress Code

This is rule number one. If you school provides guidelines, make sure that you follow them. Not only does a dress code help to set the tone for the event, it takes some of the anxiety out of preparing. If you are uncertain about a rule or if your outfit is appropriate, make sure to ask beforehand.

Dressing Formal

In instances where there are no guidelines provided, many still choose to go all out with their best formal clothes. It’s not uncommon for graduates to put as much effort into dressing for commencement as they did for their senior prom. Guys can’t go wrong in a nice suit and ladies are encouraged to wear a conservative dress.

Business Casual

If you prefer a more relaxed style, follow the standard guidelines for business casual attire. For the men, a collared shirt and tie paired with slacks works just fine. Ladies can wear a nice blouse or plain shirt with a set of pants or a skirt. If this is the route you choose, think about what you would wear to a job interview and the kind of positive first impression you want your appearance to make.


After four years at the same school you should know what your colors are. If at all possible, find clothes that match or complement the style of your cap and gown. Avoid anything that clashes garishly with your robes. If you are uncertain about selecting colors, muted earth tones always tend to work well. Black, grey and white are also safe and popular choices.


Every detail of your clothing may not be entirely visible, but your feet certainly will be. Make sure that your foot wear is appropriate. Shoes should be stylish, functional and comfortable. While dress shoes should match the rest of your outfit, also consider the venue. If you are going to be walking across a muddy field to accept your diploma, reconsider wearing heels or shoes with slick soles. You don’t want to accidentally trip or get your shoes stuck in the soft earth.

Things to Avoid

Don’t wearing gaudy jewelry, tassels, wigs, or anything else that may distract from the other students, and keep personalized decorations to a minimum. Leave your play clothes at home. Avoid wearing tight or revealing outfits. Ladies should not wear sun dresses or low cut tops, and no one should be caught wearing tattered old blue jeans, sneakers, sandals, or flip flops.