Educational Insights Crazy Cereal Game! {Giveaway and Review}

It’s almost Summer and that means more family game times! My kids are always up for games together or with friends. As an Educational Insight Team Member I have a  brand new two player game to talk about that’s perfect for kids ages 4 and up! This game greatly appeals to kids being designed to mimic a delicious breakfast of sugary sweet cereal!

Educational Insights Crazy Cereal is fast paced electronic game. Upon arrival, my son and daughter ages 7 and 4 were drawn to the cheerful illustrations covering the box. I have to applaud the box design. It mimics an actual cereal box quite well with nutritional information, a maze to do on the back, and so on. My children couldn’t wait playing this game as it promised laughter and fun!

DSCN2026Before play, a parent, teacher, or guardian will need to locate 2 AAA batteries and install one each into the game spoons per the instructions given. This step only takes a few minutes. A normal sized Phillips head screwdriver sufficed in the installation process. The batteries are solely needed for the LED color changing lights which match individual pieces of cereal. Each of the spoons has an auto-shut off mode which saves batteries and the sheer wonder if everything was turned off after game play.


This two player game focuses on matching and color recognition skills. It’s a fast paced and is usually is over in about five minutes. Whoever has the most pieces of cereal in their bowl at the end wins. There’s a bit a variation to the game to keep things interesting. Skill is required in scooping up one piece of cereal and then two at a time into their own bowls with only using one hand. This game can help with sharpening motor skills and hand-eye coordination. It provides a challenge and also can be used as an aid to teach patience and good sportsmanship with others.DSCN2013

Aside from playing the game as instructed, the game pieces can be used as an aid in teaching or pretend play. The cereal pieces designs are a circle loop, star, and a waffle type square. The colors of each are red, orange, yellow, green, and blue. The high quality pieces can be used to create patterns, practice motor skills without the speed of the game, and as math manipulatives.

My son and daughter seemed to find this game fun. Their only disappointment was that it was over somewhat quickly. To expand game play we decided they would play three rounds. I had to remind them the first few times about the only picking up the cereal using the spoon and not their other hand. I really like that this game provides challenge. At the end of each round, I had the kids count the pieces they collected in their bowls. They were enjoying themselves so much that I bet they didn’t realize they were learning and developing important skills too!

Interested in Purchasing? The Crazy Cereal Game can be purchased on or on the Educational Insights website.  The price may vary depending on time of purchase. Amazon currently is offering the game for  $14.99 (a great deal!)

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Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own or my immediate family members, based on our personal experience with the product.