Alpine Blue Fairy Statue with Solar Light {Garden Decor Review }

The Alpine Blue Fairy Statue with Solar Light adds an extra special something to my herb garden.  The painted detail mimics the style you would likely find in an illustrated storybook filled with fantastical tales of mythical fantasy lands. The statue is made out of a cast stone resin which seems very durable. I keep it mainly outdoors and have had it get wet, withstand the hot and cold and still look like new. 

The solar lighting feature shines through three flowers on the rock the fairy rest upon. Each of the flowers  have a separate colored light of red, green, and blue. When it’s dark out, the lights shine vibrantly likely not to be missed. The solar power panel is on the back and can be removed to change the one double A battery if needed with a small screw driver. If I need to turn the fairy off, there’s a switch on the bottom of the statue. I like how the solar panel and switches are out of sight.

In being a fairy fan myself, I feel most would favor this one. She’s beautiful and adds charm to wherever she is placed. I feel she will be the first of many more additions!

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* I received this product free through the Tomoson to share my thoughts on.*