Red, Yellow, Blue (And a Dash of White, Too!) {Book Review}



Red, Yellow, Blue (And a Dash of White, Too!) illustrated and written by  Charles George Esperanza is a book that draws ones inner creativity out! In this story, we meet a young girl with a love for painting. She explores and tries all sorts of new things with every brush stroke, every color used, and creates such vividly imaginative scenes from start to finish! I love presenting my children with a book that demonstrates creativity being only limited to ones imagination. Art can seem messy but I believe the point here is that’s there’s no wrong way to go about it. 

redblucolorbook2My children ages 4 and six years old enjoyed this book quite a bit.  It’s been such an inspiration that my children have asked me if they can paint more. We’ve gathered our supplies and are taking what was learned within these pages. I like this book is more than a story but a learning experience. We see the young girl in this book mixing certain colors together create an entirely different color.  Art should be fun, it should be an extension of ones self, there should be no wrong in what’s created. I believe this book captures what  art is and should be magnificently. The illustrations are alive and quite invoking.  I applaud the author for creating such a captivating children’s book.


I feel this book is great prompt to use in teaching children about art and painting.  I most certainly recommend this book! I can see it being a useful aid in the classroom as well as at home.

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