Pierre the French Bulldog Recycles by Kate Louise is a story about a dog that learns the importance of not just throwing things in the garbage. We are introduced to this pup while he’s digging up some of this old things to make space for his new treasures. Not realizing that the things he didn’t want anymore could have been used again in a different way, he promptly puts it in the trash. However, right before the trash gets swept away he realizes his error and we follow him on a mission to put things where they should have gone in the first place!

Pierre Spread 15-16My children ages 4 and six years old enjoyed this book quite a bit. They found the journey exciting as Pierre chased the truck to it’s final location. On his way, we see him rush down a street, through the park, into a market, onward into a museum, and ending at the dump. Pierre wasn’t alone, a few other dogs join him on his mission. I applaud the illustrations by Bethany Straker whom has given the dogs such character while keeping true to natural dog behaviors! The scenes are interesting to look at and keep listeners and reader quite engaged. It’s really quite the adventure.Pierre Spread 21-22

I feel this book is great prompt to discuss the importance of recycling further. Perhaps it will even inspire children to think about reusing something before getting rid of it. I think it’s so important to teach the value recycling and how wasteful not taking it into consideration by just throwing things in the trash can be. I most certainly recommend this book! I can see it being a useful aid in the classroom as well as at home.


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