Birthday in a Box: 7th Birthday Party Theme!


We celebrated my daughter’s 7th birthday over the weekend.  We kept it mostly low key but decided to go all out in decorating! Birthdays only come once a year so they are certainly worth the extra effort. There’s just something special about seeing the joy in the eyes of your child in knowing you put such much effort  and time toward in celebrating them! I’d been very eager for months for her birthday!
The Birthday Party theme was Hello Kitty Rainbow.  I let Melody pick out exactly what she wanted. There were so many awesome choices at  Birthday in a Box online.The party kits available cater to just a small number of guest or quite a bit many more. I was quite happy that we were able to pick  out a kit that something we all good agree upon and fit our guest needs! The whole party kit was really amazing! The foil balloons, the center piece, the birthday banner, the matching plates, fun cups, and  everything else included made the celebration that much more special.  My daughter loves Hello Kitty. We enjoy sharing lots of posts on the net and having Facebook Fun about this special character and her many friends!

The party theme made getting a cake to match pretty easy Melody picked the cake size, design, the frosting, and filling type.  The cake was of course chocolate and strawberry! The frosting was butter cream.  She has told me she is happy that we let her pick out what she likes. I believe all parents should give children the ability to make decisions on many occasions (especially the special ones!). It promotes independence and establishes trust. It shows love and respect. Obviously in this, knowledge and wisdom in what choices to allow should be prayed over and thought out. If you plan on throwing a surprise party, really know what your child would like and note if they like being surprised. Some people just don’t!

Overall, Melody had a fun party with a theme she likely will remember for years to come.  She already told me she can’t wait to pick out next years party theme.  If anyone else is looking for reasonably priced party theme kits for those of all ages I would certainly recommend checking where we did! The ease of having everything all bundled together and shipped to my home in a reasonable amount of time certainly saved me the trouble of shopping around and having to purchase specific birthday items individually.