Yorkshire-Mayfair: Luxury 1000 Thread 100% Cotton Sheets {Review}

Spring has just sprung and Summer is not too far away and with the changing of seasons, that also means the changing of sheets. I tend to prefer using cotton as it’s more breathable and a much more comfortable a choice compared to microfiber or polyester blends on those warmer evening nights. The softness and level of comfort very much depends on the thread count of the material and I feel it’s worth investing in for the sake of getting a good nights sleep.

The Yorkshire-Mayfair Luxury 1000 Thread 100% Cotton Sheets are delightful. The set comes with two pillow cases, a top sheet, and generous deep pocket sized fitted sheet. The deepness of the fitted sheet prevent the stresses commonly associated with making the bed. There’s been no more tugging and stretching to get the sheet all the way around. I’ve not had the sheet come undone in the middle of the night.  I’ve absolutely no need for those elastic fitted sheet straps which only kinda worked and then wore out far faster than expected.


The sheet 100% cotton but has a silky sateen feel. It’s not slippery but more smooth and I’ve not shifted around uncomfortably. There was no weird off-putting scent that some sheets have. When not in use I can store the sheet set in the plastic zippered packing it arrived in. Keeping the sheets clean is easy as it’s home washing machine safe and there’s nothing special you really have to do to it. It can also be ironed if the need is felt. These sheets are attractive, comfortable, and affordable. My sleep has been far better since using these!