Mostly Wordless Wednesday: The Garden Coming Together…

I took advantage of all the warm and sunny days to get my herb and vegetable gardens going. We’ve overcast days are ahead but that doesn’t mean I still won’t be adding more additions. So far, we have six varieties of tomatoes, 6 different types of peppers (sweet & spicy), eggplant, cucumber, zucchini, peas, and a whopping 18 varieties of herbs. This doesn’t count the watermelon growing in my kitchen windowsill and a few more vegetable started by seed. I’m hoping with the knowledge I’ve learned from books and experiences of what did and didn’t work last year, that we’ll reap a far larger harvest than last year. 

My husband built me one more bed a few days ago that is not pictured here.  I still need to add Dill to my herb garden for it to be complete!

Have you started a Herb, Vegetable, or Flower Garden? I would love if you’d share a link 🙂