Easter 2015

We had a very busy weekend but still managed to celebrate Easter (it snuck up on us this year).  We made it to the early service at church at 8am which is really something considering we spent all day at the beach hours away the day before.  In the afternoon we had a meal at Grandma and Grandpa’s and the kids had a little hunt for eggs around their yard.  It was sunnyweather not too hot but cool enough for a light sweater. This is Oregon so we were just called it wasn’t too muddy and pouring down rain on us. 
eastercollage2Grandma Becky prepared a tasty meal and her cheesecake dessert with coconut  were so delicious! She was kind enough to share the recipe too! They are actually a lot easier than I imagine they’d be to make! No get together is complete without a game with the Lowmasters. We played Sushi Go to end all festivities. Fun times. Great memories. Looking forward to celebrating Melody’s 7th birthday together soon.