aVo Essentials Lavender Essential Oil Review


aVo Essentials pure and natural Lavender essential oil has become part of my weekly routine.  I’ve been using it as a refresher in my laundry, an aid to skin irritations, and as an aromatic aid in my  diffuser during the evening hours to promote a more restful sleep. This oil can be used for household, beauty, and aromatic purposes. It’s almost endless uses make this a very desired choice to always have on hand for my family. 
I’ve smelled a lot of lavender oils and each scent tends to vary from brand to brand. This  brand as a light sweet lavender scent. The smell can noticeably  fill the room but it isn’t overpowering or sharp in the least bit. I would strongly suggest using only 4-5 drops when diffusing and like wise if adding it to a bath. I used a bit more than the recommended amount and found myself comforted right away but also very sleepy! This was proof completely that the oil calms the senses and provides for restful calming environment.

This oil can be used directly on the skin but it’s always suggested to dilute with a carrier oil. This will not only extend the amount of lavender oil but it should be done because just a little bit of the oil can be quiet overpowering especially on children.  I’ve found it to absorb quickly into the skin. The oil comes with a dropper to give one an accurate measurement and a cap if you’d prefer to store it without the dropper top placed upon it. The bottle is amber colored and that will keep the purity and life of the oil for far longer.

Since Summer time is around the corner I plan on using this oil to create a natural bug repellent to be worn by my family when we are outdoors. I’ve heard great things about lavenders  natural bug repelling properties and am eager to use a more natural approach to avoiding bugs than something filled with harmful chemicals!

The large bottle for the price makes this oil and real steal. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it for all of the needs above or just one or two!

Interested in Purchasing?  A 4 ounce bottle of aVo Essentials Lavendar Oil can be purchased on Amazon.com for $19.95 as of this posting.


Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own or my immediate family members, based on our personal experience with the product.