Meet the Girls!

We took the plunge a few days ago and added half a dozen chicks to our family! We’ve been wanting chickens for awhile and were finally able to do so. I’m delving deeper into the world of Urban farming and am very excited about it. I’ve been researching books, the internet, and asking those I know with chickens in the city many question so as to have a decent hold on the ropes needed the give the proper care needed.

The benefits of keeping and caring for chickens include fresh eggs, quality nitrogen-rich fertilizer, pest control, companionship, and an excellent educational experience (especially if you homeschool like us!). I plan on blogging about our chickens often and I think it’ll be fun to write up separate post on each of our girls since they each have their own unique personalities. The pictures below feature their names and what breed of chicken they are. I’ll be taking lots of photos to document and share how quickly they change and grow! So be on the look out and come back often!

-The Flock!-


Do you have chickens or another type of farm animal in the country or at urban dwellings? Let me know!