Francois et Mimi Ice Cream Bowl, Pastel Colors Set Review

The Francois et Mimi set of 6 Ceramic Dessert Bowls are a wonderful addition to my kitchen. The soft pastel colors this set comes in are pink, purple, lavender, yellow, teal, and blue.The colors make me think of Spring time, Easter, and birthdays! The raised design on the upper face of the bowls and the shape add a touch of elegance as well as sophistication.

icecreambowl2These Stoneware ceramic bowls are completely lead-free. They are microwave and dishwasher safe. I’ve used these to warm up pie and found that the inner contents of the bowl stayed warm and the outside wasn’t too hot to the touch. Aside from my experience, I would still urge anyone to use proper care always when warming any dish up in the microwave. These are stack-able and take up very little space in the cabinet. Measurements of the bowls are roughly 4.5 inches across and 2.5 inches tall.


My children love eating out of these bowls! My daughter says they are very pretty and my son favors these over plastic. I use these bowls daily, as they are the perfect size for breakfast cereal, yogurt, and an afternoon snack of fruit. My kids favor eating ice cream, rice pudding, pie, cobbler and just about anything else if you ask them out of these.

Ideally these are perfect for desserts, tea parties, and entertaining with friends and loved ones during not just on special occasions but any time of the year. Adding a fun pop of color to my kitchen serving-ware always tends to brighten my day and set the desired mood! I imagine these will last for years to come. They’ve been holding up well with much use! I highly recommend as these are offered by a company I personally trust.

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