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Easter is only a month away! During the month of March, I start gathering goodies for my son and daughter to celebrate this holiday. While they really love the fun side of Easter full of bunnies, chicks, candies, baskets, and prizes, I’m at odds in hoping they don’t miss the real reason why we celebrate this day as Christians. One way I try to push away from secular culture is to fill their baskets full of fun Christian themed music albums, movies, books, and things that point to Jesus. However, I’m still at odds feeling like there needed to be something more that would leave lasting memories & spiritual growth year after year.

As part of the Schoolhouse Crew Review team, I’ve been given the opportunity to share my families experience upon Egglo Entertainment. They offer a program with a number of products that work together to instill the message and love of Jesus Christ to the hearts of our children during the Easter season. The Glow in the Dark Egglo Eggs is just one of the many great things we received to review that has taken the expectations that my children had for Easter to a completely different, yet exciting level! This program based upon the scripture John 1:5, has been exactly what I’ve been looking for in keeping traditions like egg-hunts still going but with the focus shifted back to why this holiday was started in the first place.


What We Received: 

Glow in the Dark Egglo Eggs ($9.99) – There are 12 eggs per set. In each set, there are two different types of eggs. One type of egg features a raised cross design and others are smooth. Eggs come in the colors pink, yellow, green, and blue. The eggs can be mixed and matched up. The fun thing is that aside from a glow in the dark egg hunt, eggs can be used for all sorts of craft projects too.

I’m quite impressed with the durability. These aren’t made out of cheap thin plastic that will will shatter under minimal pressure.The eggs have a tight seal and don’t randomly come open once closed. I love the fact these are made well enough to be used year after year.

Eggs glow quite strongly per following the instructions. Sun, UV-Black Light, florescent, Tungsten, and incandescent all can be used to charge the Eggs. The glow last about and hour and diminishes gradually after 2-3. I would certainly recommend keeping these under light until ready to start a egg hunt for maximum brightness.


Egglo Treasures Scripture Scrolls ($4.50) -These come in a set of 12. These are meant to hidden inside the Glow in the Dark Egglo Eggs but can be used aside from that purpose.  The glossy papered scrolls are rolled up tightly and sealed with a small rubber band. When the rubber band is removed, one can carefully roll out the scroll to reveal the treasure inside! The verses found on the inside of each scroll features Biblical truths based on several different scriptures that can be found in Proverbs, Mathew, John, and several other places in the Word. The Bible verses are simplified and taken from no specific version of the Bible. The general design is quite appealing for children and would be perfect for scripture memorization!

Egglo Bible Verse Stickers ($3.29) – One pack has 12 stickers. The verses on these are the same as Egglo Treasures Scripture Scrolls. The stickers can be hidden in the eggs or used for decorating. Each are flexible enough to not become damaged when placed inside the eggs. These are perfect for children to collect and place where they prefer. A great suggestion would be to encourage a child to put these where they can be seen often to remind them of Jesus being the light of the world and reminder of how we are called to be a light too!

The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure Book
 – In this story, we are introduced to three children and their dog that are taken on quite the treasure hunt adventure!  Throughout this tale through lands near and far they discover scrolls with Bible verses, clues, and many exciting twists and turns to keep readers glued! To sum it up lightly, the story is about discovering the greatest treasure of all which is Christ! The book as well as the program in its entirety is geared toward children age 4-13. There are 40 pages in this book and the story roughly will take about 1/2 hour to read. If reading to a younger crowd, I suggest breaking up reading it in parts or to have something for them to do while they are listening. Sitting still and listening to a story in one sitting that long can sometimes be a challenge for the young ones. I suggest getting a copy of the book to in-cooperate into the Easter celebrations as it ties everything Egglo together really well.

Egglo Entertainment Review

The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure Program Guide (via PDF digital file) ($9.99)  – This is a thorough 62 page resource guide. The full color illustrations, step-by-step information, handy digital format, and personal touches make executing an amazing Easter celebration with Egglo whether it be at home, in a group setting, or at a church hassle free! Things you’ll find in the guide included: activity ideas, recipe suggestions, printable coloring pages, discussion cards, posters, cut outs, invitations, and decorations. There are suggestions for those of all ages since it’s likely most Easter celebrations would be multi-generational.  I personally like that the guide is in a digital format. The printable resources can be used year after year! I applaud it for being so easy to use and navigate!

DSCN0202-001 How We Used This:

My children ages 4 and 6 years old. Since we are a Christ-centered family, my children are fully aware of why we celebrate Easter. However with that being the case, they were still both excited about celebrating some of our Easter traditions in a new way that reflects Christ completely! Before, having our super exciting Jesus glow in the dark Easter hunt (according to my six year old daughter), I opted per suggestion of the The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure Program Guide to read The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure Book. The book was well-received and I’ve caught my daughter reading the book on her own even after the celebrations were over. She told me she thought the story was exciting and she thought it had a great ending. 

The night time egg hunt was so much fun for my children. The eggs were so bright and not at at all to hard to find. We added some glow-sticks bracelets for the kids to put in their buckets and wear to add some extra color and excitement. After, we had our hunt outside they opened their eggs to find a few treats as well at the Egglo Bible Verse Stickers & Treasure Scrolls. My kids thought the scrolls were the neatest things. Understanding the importance of the scripture, my son had me read his and my daughter read the ones she found aloud to everyone. These were great for discussion. The stickers and scrolls are certainly fun little treasures for my kids to keep hold of. The egg hunt was such a hit that my kids asked if they could hide the eggs and search for them again even days later.


I’m so happy to have added Egglo Entertainment into our Easter celebrations. The guide was wonderful in helping me know what steps I should take in presenting the activities of the evening. I’m looking forward to trying all the snack ideas as well as some of the other suggested activities we haven’t done yet! I will be continuing to use their program every Easter and highly recommend it! What a wonderful way to teach children Biblical Values and the truth of God that Jesus is the light of the world!


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