Dot&Dot 15 inch Packing Organizer {Review}

The Dot&Dot Packing Organizer is a nice aid to have on hand when packing for trip whether it be near or far. I for one never knew the benefits of having a packing folder for my clothes but am quite happy to have discovered all it has to offer. The 15 inch size does a great job in holding shirts, pants, or pretty much any other type of garmet. Do note that how much this organizer holds varies when you take specific sizes and material thickness into consideration. It’s advertised to hold up to 7 shirts and pants and I believe it does so pretty well.


Over Spring Break, I got a change to use this! I followed the instructions which were printed on the sturdy included folding board. Once placed inside the organizer, my clothes stayed wrinkle free and didn’t end up all over in my suitcase! The space-saving is surely something to be bragging about! In never having learned to fold clothes in the particular instructed manner, I’m pleased to state that I’ll never fold in any other way. When folding a shirt with a specific design in the suggested manner, I can see every design without having to unfold each item. Not only am I fan of this newly learned skill but so is the whole family!DSCN0928

The organizer stays together with several strong strips of velcro. It’s easy to wipe if it becomes dirty. Hand washing in cold water and hanging to dry is suggested. Whether this is used often or every once in a while, I feel with proper care the organizer will last for a long time. I like this comes in multiple sizes and colors. The variety colors makes packing for the whole family easy and keeps things organized! I do recommend this product and am glad to have discovered it for all my travel needs.

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