Women’s Confidence Panties by Hush Hush

hushhushHush Hush Panties: Choose Women’s Confidence Panties by Hush Hush and Wearever for everyday protection and re-usability. Our selection of confidence panties features an innovative design that has a subtle absorbent layer built in, perfect for those with light incontinence issues, occasional leaks, moisture from working out or worry of menstrual leak through. They are a perfect solution for giggling with girlfriends over coffee or wine, surviving a sneeze or a surprise, socializing over shopping bags or diaper bags, visiting the gym or the office, and everything in between. See for yourself the secret to staying dry, confident and comfortable!


My Thoughts…

I never knew I would run into that uh oh moment till after having my children. I am glad Hush Hush panties were created. I’ve worn these myself and they feel just like normal underwear. The panties move with you, don’t cause bunching, and offer that extra protection from leakage! There no need for disposable liners which increase waste and can add up in price over time. These are wonderful! They are easy to care for in the wash and quite an excellent for women of all ages.

Hush Hush panties come in a the sizes Small, Medium, Large, XL, 1x & to 2x. The colors are offered are nude, black, & white. There are different style cuts so one can chose whatever works with personal fashion choices. The soft absorbent pad can hold up to 3 oz. of liquid. It’s not for heavy bladder accident but just for those small leakages that come with coughing, sneezing laughing, etc.

I promise you’ll hardly notice that these panties are there when worn. These are comfortable enough for daily wear. It’s nice to be able to go out and not have to worry about an accident. These definitely give one a boost of confidence freeing oneself of all worry from embarrassing leaks, noises, etc.

Interested in Purchasing? QVC is offering Hush Hush Set of 3 Seamless Power Brief Panties for $42.25. This is a great price! Hush Hush is in the process of adding new styles and colors to their website, which will be available for order soon!



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