Unseasonable Weather

It’s quite something to remember that this time last year that we had winter storm Orion upon us. We’ve lately had warm spring like temperatures in the mid 60’s! It’s certainly got my family and I outside to enjoy the beautiful blue skies and bright sunshine over the last few days. Breaking out the light jackets and the flip flops has been ever so freeing! We’ve been loving the cloud free evenings with a star filled sky to gaze upon, the sunsets of orange and purple hues, and the opportunities to visit local parks. Now hopefully the weather won’t take a turn around and deliver frigid temperatures our way unexpectedly!

I for one wouldn’t be thinking about gardening for few more weeks but due to the weather my planning has been jump started.  On, Saturday I brought home several spring flowers to add a pop of color to the yard and a few varieties of snap peas to enjoy in our Asian themed meals!  I got a large seed starter tray and aim to get it filled with delicious herbs and vegetables as soon I track down some seeds.DSCN0189

My yard is showing even more signs of color with daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, and bleeding hearts all pushing through. It going to be a beautiful array of color with deep pinks, red, yellow, and purple! The trees around our home all have gorgeous flowers that bloom and last for quite sometime.  Spring is always a very exciting season of re-birth!


We browsed the baby chickens and ducks in hopes to bring home at least three very soon! Our chicken plans had to sit for a little while because of dealing with car troubles. I’m crossing my fingers after a few more car things get checked out that we can start work on a house and pick out our chicks! I think having chickens will be a wonderful learning opportunity! Nothing quite beats the taste of fresh eggs either!

How is the weather where you are? What things are you excited about doing during Spring season?