One Sentence Bible Storybooks {Book Review}


Bible Favorites One Sentence Storybooks by Nancy I. Sanders is a darling collection of beginner readers. I was drawn to these right away to begin using with my four year old son. Oh, how I wished these were around when my oldest was learning to read. After beginning use and evaluating thoroughly, I feel this is a wonderful way to present the Word of God to young children. These have the ability to fill little hearts with the truth of God and the love He has for us. I believe children will gain knowledge & understanding as well as a sense of accomplishment memorizing these stories word by word.

In all of the books, there’s a sentence that grows with each page. For instance on the first page there’s one word, on the second page a few more, and so forth. The last three pages of the books features vocabulary words with like illustrations to memorize, a truth to learn (pertaining to the sentence), a verse to say (Bible memory verse), a prayer to pray , and a look back in the book activity or two.DSCN0059

The illustrations by Hannah Wood are simple and quite appealing. The colors chosen are warm and friendly. Each illustration throughout the books starts with a base and continues to build upon that till the ending of each sentence. This feature allows children to spot the differences right away.

The set of ten books comes in a small light weight cardboard box featuring a Velcro tab. The fact that these 5.5″x7″ readers can all be stored together minimizes loss.These take up very minimal space in the home and can easily be brought along when traveling.

The Story booklets that feature stories from the Old and New Testament are: The Sun and Moon, Two Mice and the Ark, Moses and the Bush, David and the Giant, The City Wall, The Star and the Kings, Jesus on the Water, The Good Shepherd, The Sad Son, & The Angel and the Cave. The first book beginning with creation and the last the resurrection of Christ.

My little boy has been enjoying these books. He said they are fun and he really likes going back through and seeing new things each time. I love there’s a activity we can do at the end of each book together. It makes our time using these special and memorable! He’s a very new reader but is catching on quite quickly with memorization. I am very happy with this set because not only will my son be practicing his reading skills but also learning about God in the process!

I highly recommend and feel it’s best suited for children age 3-5 years old!

Interested in Purchasing? Bible Favorites (One Sentence Storybooks) are $12.26 as of this posting!

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