Just in Time for Valentines: The Song {Review + Giveaway}


Aspiring singer-songwriter Jed King is struggling to catch a break and escape the long shadow of his famous father when he reluctantly agrees to a gig at a local vineyard festival. Jed meets the owner’s daughter, Rose, and an instant connection quickly turns to love. Soon after their wedding, Jed writes Rose “The Song,” which becomes a breakout hit. Suddenly thrust into a life of stardom and a world of temptation, his life and marriage begin to fall apart.

thesongMy Thoughts… 

In kicking off National Marriage Week and just in time for Valentine’s Day The Song debuts on the 10th of February! Ecclesiastes and Song of Solomon are brought to life. We have visuals for for how these verses can be related to our modern day times. I appreciated all the deep metaphors and feel that anyone that sees the movie should also view those explained in the bonus features to have a stronger take away.

My husband told me the movie was hard to watch at some points.  That is an understandable statement when we see something truly beautiful being torn apart by choices that benefited more to ones self. There’s no way to explain why one would chose fame, fortune,  instead of the things that held true meaning. We see messiness that often isn’t addressed in most movies. Often it’s just pushed under the rug and never dealt with. This movie does offer redemption and I’ll be honest in thinking that it may not have gone that route.1409890538-DAN_0354_1400_927_75

The movie is not preachy and most certainly not fluffy. It narrates scripture throughout and often in songs but it doesn’t beat you over the head. The movie flows naturally. The story makes you think about your own marriage and that with everything we always have a choice. The pursuit of fame and fortune falls short and is pointless without God as the center and I loved that this was so clearly pointed out. I believe The Song can encourage one to take steps away from negative choices and purse actions  to work out whatever issue that may be going on.

The music was enjoyable, the cinematography well done, and the characters were quite believable.  The Song has a run time of approximately 84 minutes, and is rated PG-13 for thematic elements, including some substance abuse, smoking and nude references.


Bonus Features:

  • Commentary with writer/director Richard Ramsey
  • “Meet the Cast” — Discusses the film’s storyline & characters.
  • “Scripture to Screen” — Focuses on adapting the biblical story to create a feature film.
  • “King Solomon on Screen” & “Awaken Love: A Journey for Couples” – Features teaching pastor & author Kyle Idleman on the film’s messages of love & marriage, as well as its biblical metaphors.

The Music: The love story’s soundtrack includes 11 original songs from artists including Ricky Skaggs, Need to Breathe, Emmylou Harris and Jill DeZwaan, plus a recut of the timeless classic “Turn! Turn! Turn!” by The Byrds’ Roger McGuinn.

Interested in Purchasing? The Song is available  Feb. 10 on DVD & Digital HD.  This movie would benefit any single person or married couple.



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