Daily Motivation & Encouragement with Wordologies

Once we lose focus and let negativity creep into our lives it can affect our personal well being from our health to our relationships with those around us. This is why I’m a firm believer that we should surround ourselves with as many positive influences as possible.  A Mother & Daughter realized this as well and thus went on a mission to create the company Wordologies together.

This company offers a variety of practical day to day items which feature many empowering words and sayings. These items used on a daily basis offer inspiration and encouragement giving one the opportunity to take a hold of their life no matter where they may be on their journey.

One of my aims for this year and forever on is to better care for myself. Life can be busy and hectic and those things  that make life full may not necessarily be bad but in not taking time for me, everything else suffers . I know that taking time for me usually start over a cup of coffee and a pad of paper for my goals, thoughts, and pondering. In knowing, that’s what I need to process, the coffee mug, journal trio, and notepad from Wordologies have been welcome friends to me during this time of my life

Wordologies 14 oz. coffee mugs retail for $24.00 and can include a personalized message if ordering as a gift. They are hand-made in the U.S.A. Each lead free mug is safe to put in the microwave, dishwasher, and oven.

Out of the nine quote options available, I have the coffee mug that features the words  “In Time Patience Prevails. Answers Come”.  This mug has been a constant reminder during a very hard time in my life where I’ve had to wait without any answer in sight. The overwhelming stress that has put to the point of tears  has been subsided through my faith in God and these words of few read on a daily basis.  Patience, is never easy but being reminded that this shall pass and answers will come has kept me going. I’m glad I have this beautiful mug as a reminder.

Journal Trio -$18

The Journal Trio reminds one to be content, mindful, and tranquil. The patterns and interesting shapes are fun to look at. The colors of blue, pink and green are just right, not overly bright or bold. Each notebook is filled with a paper style which is a grid, lines, and completely blank. The sizing at  6 inches by 8.25 inches. makes these great travel companions. There are 40 pages total. I love these are made out of recycled paper! The packaging  makes them a great gift to give to a friend or loved one. The three  being tied together in a twine bow is simplistic but it looks so nice!

I like I can use the Journal Trio however I please whether it be for deep thoughts, quick notes, or random doodles. I think the grid notebook will be used for planning out my knitting patterns and goals. Knitting puts me in happy place that fills my heart with satisfaction with each completed stitch! How suitable that the grid papered journal reads “Not money. Not power. Not fame. Contentment completes. on the cover.

The notepads are sized at 4.25 inches by 5.5 inches and take up very little space on an office desk or counter top.  There are 100 pages so this notepad will probably last me for a good bit of time. Each page can be easily torn off.  I like having this on hand to jot down things I need to do,  to take down information during a phone call, and to write down quick shopping list! There’s a number of messages that these come such as those that encourage peace, compassion, change, and much more! I would say keep one or have several and put out the one with the message you are needing the post at the time!

Aside from the products mentioned above, Wordologies also has candles and magnets! I always favor practical products and this company offers some of the best! I find the prices to be reasonable and the products made well. I recommend this company highly and think any of the items they offer would make wonderful gifts whether for ones self or someone you know.

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Interested in Purchasing? You can purchase all the Wordologies products on their website. 5% of profit from every online sale is given to Women for Women International. **As of this posting, there’s free shipping on all orders! **

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own or my immediate family members, based on our personal experience with the product.