Computers For The Kids!

13-inch HP Stream Horizon Blue_Front_575pxI’m so excited that we were able to get the kids HP Stream Laptops thanks to our tax refund! These will be used for their schooling as well as an incentive for good behavior.  It’s pretty amazing what a little time on the computer can do for both of their attitudes. My husband heard about these on Windows Weekly and so far the computers are working great. We thought these were a better option than a tablet as they allow more possibilities. These are less likely to get dropped or damaged too.  The  $200.00 price tag makes these a great reasonably priced choice for those of all ages.

What Dad has to say about these computers
– They are a great deal and of good quality. They include Windows 8.1 and a year of Office 365 Personal. What they also include is a lot of HP crapware you don’t need, like McAfee and a ton of link already cluttering your desktop. If you get them at a Microsoft store, they wont have this issue, but you have to be fortunate enough to have a Microsoft store close by. If you get them off Amazon like we did, this helpful article will give you tips on removing what you don’t need so you start off with a fresh slate (I used Decrap, but it can remove stuff you need, be careful!).

As added value, you should be able to upgrade to Windows 10 for free when it releases!

Minecraft runs fine on the machine, which was one of the main reasons why we got them. The older laptop was having a hard time, especially around the giant tower that is the unfinished library. On this machine, it has no issues.

I set up an admin account separate from the kid’s accounts, which I set up as Child accounts. This allows using the Family Protection Microsoft provides.

Mom – I’ll talk more about these computers in the future and am excited for the world of possibilities my children will by privy too educational and creativity wise now that they have their own personal computer platforms!