Time Together, Well Spent! {Book Review}


Time Together, Time Well Spent!  by author Casey Rislov is a sweet storybook that encourages doing things with those that you love. It’s the perfect pick for family reading times together to stay connected and grow closer into each others life.

In this story, we meet a family of four bears. There’s a Mama, a Papa, a Brother, and a Sister. The young bears appear to be around the recommended age for this book which would be somewhere between four to eight years old. In the story we learn about this family through the activities they enjoy doing together such as playing games, watching movies, dancing, reading books, spending time outdoors, building forts, and so on.


The illustrations are fun and the emotions of excitement, laughter, happiness, and love for each other are displayed so well! My kids liked looking at the pictures and actually told me to slow down before turning the page so they could see every single little detail!

This book has been a wonderful conversation starter in my home. My son age 4 and daughter age 6 have been telling me all sorts of things they enjoy us doing together as family such as playing board games and getting outdoors and into nature! These activities nurtured have the ability to keeping us closely bonded together in our relationship as a family.

I think this is a fun book that can benefit all families! Perhaps it will be an inspiration to find things to enjoy or a reminder to nurture what your family already loves doing together. I certainly recommend it!

Learn More: You can find more information on Time Together, Time Well Spent!at Casey Rislov’s website.

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