Pushing Through…


My goodness January 2015 is coming to an end. Changes for the New Year have certainly gone into full swing. I chose to accept that my goals for the year to be more manageable.  Personally looking at the month and where things are right now, my life seems more  manageable than it was several months ago.  On those very full days of far too much, I find a quiet place and look to God. He makes everything more bearable as I continue to remain faithful in his loving guidance for my life.

How’s life looking right now? Well, that’s quite the question with more than a few deeps thoughts upon all the changes that seemed to really happen just last week. It’s only through my savior that I’m not a total wreck right now.  I’m quite thankful for his love, his gifts of wisdom and maturity within me!

Wednesday – This was a day of happiness and sadness. My best friend, dearest blogging buddy, and homeschool mommy companion for over six years moved away! Life generally had changed drastically for she and her children and moving was quite frankly the best option for them. I’m so happy she’s moved into her dream home in the country! She’s only two hours away but that means no more drop in play-dates and weekend mommy day out escapades for us to spend together so easily. Missing her but glad for the wonderful world wide web and the internet to chat freely and keep tabs on each other. I’m so looking forward to visiting them soon and so are the kids!

Thursday- My daughter Melody visited with her Endocrinologist this week. I heard back on her lab results this day. It’s been nearly two years since she’s needed a medication adjustment. I got the call that she needs to be taking more. It will be an adjustment that typically has it’s side effects that can be negative while her body is adjusting to the new dosage. The prayer here would be that her dosage is spot on and we won’t have experiment for awhile to get it right. She goes back for lab work in about eight weeks to see if the dose sits right with her.

Friday – This day was looked forward to all week. My kids were getting to spend time with their favorite sitter and my husband and I were meeting with new friends to mingle and play games. Well, after we dropped the kids off at the sitter, we were in a car accident.

The accident was 100% not our fault. We were at a red light and the person behind us never decreased in speed after descending and then ascending a big hill. The light had just turned green, we slowly started crawling forward and our car was hit. I’m not sure how far our car was pushed but it most certainly was.

I was so muddled. I was very shaken up. I was mad at myself for not being able to control my feelings. But my feelings were very understandable given the circumstance.  It was pretty much my first real car accident. It took me a bit of time to stop shaking and being and the verge of crying.  I was sore for a couple of days but feel perfectly fine now. I now truly know what being in shock feels like.

We only just got the title for our car this week and have only had this car for about a month now. We won’t know the next step as in if our car can be repaired or if it’s completely totaled until next week. I am just thanking God the kids weren’t in the car and that we seriously weren’t hurt nor the other driver.

We are pushing through and continuing to move forward.  I firmly believe life will continue to happen always when you are making other plans.  It’s being able to keep standing strong with whatever blows come our way.

Romans 12:12 – “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.