Mrs Cavanaugh’s Chocolates {Review}


One of my favorite things during the Holiday season were the Mrs Cavanaugh’s Chocolates I received.  During challenging days as well as the happier ones, these chocolates always hit the spot.  I thought about saving them all for myself to stretch the supply out longer but I couldn’t leave my family out on such tasty goodness. They had to indulge with me!

I found The 1lb. Most Famous Chocolates assortment as well as the four candy bars I received to be exceptionally delicious and very fresh.  I think the word Wow came out of both my mouth and my husbands. We have never had chocolate that has tasted this good.

I love that there’s a quite a variety offered from this company.  I can tell they really care about their customers by putting such care and quality in the taste as well as how their products are packaged and shipped.

Whatever your indulgence in chocolate may be, I believe there’s something for everyone whether it’s dark, white, milk chocolate, or whatever else.  I love that there is real cream and butter and no preservatives added. My personal favorites were the chocolates with coconut and those with the liquid type fillings.

I offer my full support of this family owned and operated business. There’s nothing I don’t like about these and would highly recommend them to everyone. I’m hoping to get some more goodies soon from them…maybe for Valentines Day.

 About Mrs. Cavanaugh….

“It started when my aunt sent her pecan-rolls recipe,” Mrs. Cavanaugh recalled. “I gave the recipe my own touch and started making the yummy specialties. Then I began dipping chocolates. Our friends and neighbors loved these treats, encouraging me to start a candy business. Finally, I decided it might be a good idea.’”

Her husband George and children Carla, Lorraine, Calvin, Colene and Genise rallied, helping Mrs. Cavanaugh fill demands for her homemade sweets.

…In 1972, the family moved to Utah, leaving good friends and their beloved cattle ranch.

“It was a difficult decision, especially for George,” Mrs. Cavanaugh said. “He was excited about making our new venture, which we chose to call Mrs. Cavanaugh’s Candies, a great success. We felt Utah was blessed with good chocolates and that we would enjoy – and could compete with – those who pride themselves on making excellent chocolates.”

Millions of pounds of chocolates later, Mrs. Cavanaugh’s candies have earned a reputation for unquestionable excellence….Ask chocolate aficionados. They will direct those seeking the best chocolates to the popular Mrs. Cavanaugh’s Candies.

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Disclaimer:  I received a complimentary box of chocolates as part of my participation in The USFamily Blogging program.  All comments/opinions are my own and no other compensation was received.