Love is Forever {Book Review}


Love is Forever by Casey Rislov is book to turn to for little ones that recently have lost someone they were close to or even for those that haven’t quite yet. During this time, feelings of sadness, anger, and confusion may arises and children need to be reassured it’s okay to feel that way. In this world there will be loss and dealing with it healthily is the best way to move forward. I believe resources such as this book are crucial to have at the ready for parents as well as caregivers when the situation arises.

thelove_01 In this book, we meet a young owl that loses her Grandfather Owl. The words upon the pages are written carefully and in a simple loving manner that a child can comprehend. The illustrations fit perfectly. There are scenes of time spent together, during the news of the loss, as well how the young owl coped. We see joy, sorrow, sadness, and moving on in a positive light displayed within the owl family.

Children will learn that even though their loved one has passed on from this Earth, that they live on within shared experiences, through traditions, and in the memories of who they were. At the end of the story, there are a few pages of information from professionals for parents, teachers, or caregivers giving suggestions in how to address the feelings associated with loss.


This book would be a good addition to not just every home but library and school as well. I know that when the time arises in y lives of my children losing a friend of family member that I will turn to this book in aiding to help sooth the sadness.

Learn More: You can find more information on Love is Forever at Casey Rislov’s website.

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