I Breathe My Own Breath {Book Review}

I Breathe My Own Breath

I Breathe My Own Breath by author Kathleen Aharoni is book that reminds readers of all ages something very important. It challenges us to embrace our uniqueness! It’s something in the world that goes both ways, part of society says be you and the other side of society pushes trends and ever changing movements upon us. As children get older this pull can become overwhelming and just going with the flow seems the easiest thing to do. But in doing that, we lose often lose our inner-selves and end of breathing breaths that are not our own! So, we in turn spend much time in our lives searching for our breath. I think if children can understand the importance of being themselves early on in their life that they’ll be much happier and joyful as they grow older.

I’m so happy Kathleen created this book! Illustrator Ann Boyd does a great job with her soft watercolor child-like illustrations. My son and daughter ages 4 & 6 years old paid attention to this book and said they enjoyed it. I am constantly giving them choices in life and encouraging them to grow and be challenged in their strengths. I believe they understand the importance of celebrating their uniqueness and not getting so caught up in how everyone else is or what they are doing! I’m not saying they will never run into peer pressure amongst friends or colleges and have feelings of doubt about themselves. But I’m saying there’s strength in firmly knowing there’s nothing wrong with being them and being reminded so.

I personally loved how in this book we see how nature has it’s own breath, how we are connected to it, and how it always thrives very, very well. At the end of the book there’s a section for Parents and Educators. It offers questions for conversation and activities you could do to exploring finding and nurturing your breath. Expression of self can reap very positive results! There’s nothing quite like the freedom of being yourself.

“I Breathe My Own Breath!” was recognized as a 2014 Eric Hoffer Award Finalist in the category of Home, received the 2014 Living Now Gold award for Children’s Non-Fiction, and has been recommended by The U.S. Review of Books.

I Breathe My Own Breath! by Kathleen Aharoni; Publisher: Water Over Stone, Inc.; Category: Juvenile Nonfiction, Family & Relationships, Mind, Body, Spirit; Hard Cover: 978-1-59598-216-2, $18.95; Availability: Amazon.com, Baker & Taylor, kathleenaharoni@gmail.com, Fixture in Roscoe Village, Chicago

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