Chicken Soup For the Soul: The Power of Forgiveness {Review & Giveaway}

Forgiveness frees us to get on with our lives! We can all benefit from letting go of our anger, and the 101 personal, touching stories in this collection will help you see the power of forgiveness and how it can change your own life.Whether it’s forgiving a major wrong or a minor blunder, forgiving someone is healing and frees you to move on with your life. You don’t have to forget or condone what happened, but letting go of your anger improves your wellbeing and repairs relationships. You will be inspired to change your life through the power of forgiveness as you read the 101 stories in this book about forgiving others, changing your attitude, healing and compassion.

We all have stories to share and one of forgiveness can be extremely powerful because it goes against our first response.  The response being to close the door and harbor anger. But by doing this, we are only haunted by it’s affects. Affects which over time creates bitterness and clouds up all remaining sunshine in our lives.

It’s a hard lesson when we realize that often life isn’t all we expect it to be.  It’s full of pain and hurt. Everyone has their own things to deal with but sometimes we just are’t sure where to turn for help and healing.  In Chicken Soup: The Power of Forgiveness there are numerous stories shared that give hope in moving forward and not letting paindefeat us.

Each story shared is roughly about 3-4 pages each. There’s a title followed by a quote that goes with the story. These stories are shared and written by and from not just every day average people like you and I but also from more well known people like Anthony Anderson for instance.

There are eleven sections varying with how many stories are in each. The section titles are:

  • Lessons on Forgiving Fathers
  • Forgiveness between Mothers & Children
  • Learning to Live with Family Through-Marriage
  • Patching Up Rifts with Siblings
  • When Bad Things Happen in Love and Marriage
  • Forgiving Friends and Colleagues
  • Lessons from the People You Meet
  • When a Crime Has Been Committed
  • ]The Importance of Self-Forgiveness
  • A Poem that Says It All
  • Bonus Stories about the Power of Forgiveness

This book is sure to inspire you to let thing go and keep you hooked in reading story after story. There are 101 stories but at only a few pages each, one can easily read this book in a couple of days if not sooner. I like this book a lot because it’s a reminder that we aren’t alone! I would certainly recommend this title!

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