Bunny’s First Spring {Book Review}

bunnyspringBunny’s First Spring written by Sally Lloyd-Jones and illustrated by David McPhail is a religious storybook that would be perfect to read to children during the start of the Spring season or on Easter Sunday.

The story takes readers through the four seasons Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter through the eyes of Bunny. Bunny is born in Spring when things are so full of beauty and life. But Bunny gets confused when Fall and Winter arrive. Bunny feels sad to see leaves falling as well as other things that happens during this time. He cries out and feels that the Earth surely must be dying but is reminded by his parents to wait.


The illustrations are beautiful. The colors are perfect and I feel that all four season were captured well from the warm cheerfulness of Spring to the Cold Dark and sometimes Dreary winter season.

The beauty of this story is that it can be used as a metaphor pertaining to the life, death, & resurrection of Christ Jesus. I think it’s a great way to teach little ones in a way that they can easily understand. There is no parents guide or advice about using this book in this way but none the less, if you know the story and see how this would relate you can do so pretty easily.

My 4 and 6 year old children were eager listeners and seemed to enjoy the story. They as well as I feel this hardcover book would be the perfect Spring gift to receive for Easter!

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