I had a busy weekend so I’m just now getting to this Thanksgiving post! This year we were able to spend this Holiday with family. Last year we had just relocated to our home and ended up all getting sick! It was awful! My husband and son had very mild colds this year due to the drastic weather change but were well enough to make it this time!


Growing up we would usually have the Thanksgiving meal in the evening so it’s been an adjustment for me to have it at lunch time. I skimp on breakfast to be able to eat a more generous sized portion because I can never eat that much at once since I’m a grazer! On the menu this year we had Turkey, Gravy, Cranberry Sauce, Olives, Green Beans, Apple Pie, Marion Berry Pie, Congealed Salad (which I made and was sort of a flop…too soupy!), and Scalloped Potatoes. I think it’s great everyone in the family contributes to the meal together. A great example to the kids about sharing what we have with others!


After our meal, my sister-in-law and I took a walk to the nearby Starbucks to fuel up and for me to wake up. I was still a bit tired having lots of things coming up during the week to cause some stress. Early that week, my husband was driving to work our only car spun out on freeway. He ended up bumping the wall and the right side of the car got crunched up. We are using a rental car right now but need a car and soon. The rental which we get through our insurance company for 30 days goes back on Christmas Day. Trusting God in providing for that need. I am very thankful my husband wasn’t hurt!

When we got back from our coffee run, we played Dragon Whisperer. It’s not a family get together unless the board games come out. We are largely into playing games. It was my first time playing and it was easier to play than imagined. Becky ( Mom in law) won and she said she wasn’t even trying. The kids were happy to spend a lot of the visit playing on the living room floor with a huge bin of their Aunts childhood Lego collection.


It was a nice a low-key Thanksgiving Holiday overall. How was yours?

Give thanks to the Lord, because he is good; his love is eternal. 1 Chronicles 16:34