Maddi’s Fridge {Book Review}


Maddi’s Fridge by author Lois Brandt and illustrator by Vin Vogel is a children’s book about childhood hunger and poverty. It’s a book that most probably won’t be running out to pick up to read to their kids but I believe it’s important to do so. Issue books are so very important as they prompt readers to look beyond their lives and to reach out to those around them. Not just family or friends but those we don’t know either. Being kind, considerate and thoughtful in big or small things can cause more of an impact and blessing than one would imagine.

mf-layout-3In this book, we are introduced to Maddi and her best friend Sofia. These girls are neighbors as well as classmates. After playing in the park together, the girls are hungry. At that time, Sofia discovers her friend has very little in her families fridge. But Maddi makes Sofia promise not to tell anyone. A dilemma is presented because Sofia wants to do something to help her friend but she doesn’t want to break a promise either.

mf-layout-5Throughout the story we see Sofia asking questions and learning about nutrition. For instance. she learns that fish is a good source of protein, that eggs are good for you, and burritos are very good as well. There’s a lot of talk about different foods. Foods that are generally staples in most peoples homes. The foods mentioned are usually those that most food banks gather and give to needy families. She starts sharing certain things at lunch with her friend but decides it was better to break her promise of not telling and do something more.


At the end of the book, there’s a page dedicated to helping those who have empty fridges. There are many things listed to do and what to look for in knowing if someone might need help.  It handles a weighty topic extremely well. The story is easy for children to comprehend. The illustrations are done well and express the feelings and emotions of the characters perfectly.

This book I can’t recommend enough. Children ages 4-8 years old I believe would most benefit and I believe in would be a good call to action read in a home, school, or church group meeting.

**10% of the proceeds of the sale of Maddi’s Fridge goes towards fighting childhood hunger.**

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