Christmas 2014

P1170254-001We had a low key Christmas this year.  This month has been unexpectedly busy for us with car shopping, colds, and well Christmas in general.  My husband has been working 6 day work weeks and not getting home till 2 or more hours later than normal. He appreciated being able to have one day without going absolutely anywhere and I did too! However we still plan on getting together with family this weekend!

P1170239Our Christmas wasn’t big though through the kindness of others, my kids were able to have received a bit more than we were going to be able to give them. Things they received were Legos, Clothes, a game, and a few puzzles.  My husband surprised me with a immersion blender in which was quite the surprise since we talked about not doing anything gift wise for each other. He also said it was part anniversary so I guess I can’t get onto him too much for that.

This time of year has been tougher on us due to the car getting totaled but not just.   I thank God everyday for the many blessings I keep seeing in the life of family as well as in those around me. His love never fails and He always provides! He gives us Hope!

P1170269The kids have been fighting colds off and on this month. One day they seem like they are over it, only to have symptoms again a day or two later. We had to put off baking our annual Holiday cookies! But I assured them, cookies are good to bake for anytime of the year! Winter has only just begun and I feel it’s a good season for all sorts of warm delicious baked goods.

This month and our circumstances have left a  good reminder not to over do it and remember why we celebrate Christmas! Let’s us never grow weary of being thankful and loving others!

How was your Holiday?