OMSI: Animation Exhibit

P1160667Last weekend, a group of friends went along with my family to OMSI. What’s great is my family can go anytime per one of the perks of my husband’s job. I feel really blessed because this museum is totally any homeschoolers dream!

P1160669We try to hit all the new exhibits and it’s a great place to go as field trip for our science studies! There’s an Omnimax and that means awesome films and documentaries to see too. Did I mention there’s also a submarine to tour?  It’s  a place I can let my kids run free and happy playing safely till they crash (I’m pretty sure they are not really realizing they are actually learning in the process).

P1160671The current exhibit on view right now is about animation. My kids got to learn about frames per second, how all the like but different drawings put together create moving pictures, story boarding, character development, how voices get added to cartoons ( they loved adding their own in one of the stations), special effects, and much more! It was so interactive and that was awesome for everyone.  Who knew that  art, math and science is what is needed to make cartoons!
P1160675We spent quite sometime at OMSI and lots of fun was had! We are aiming to go back soon! New exhibit is suprise and well be out in January! January is a busy month as I’m turning 30 (WOW, I’m getting old) and my son turns 4 years old! Lots of plans to be made…P1160674