The Great American Slow Cooker Book

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The Great American Slow Cooker Book is a must have if you are looking to get acquainted with your slow cooker and are aiming to expand your horizons to make all sorts of delicious known as well known to you dishes! I like my slow cookers but must admit that I get stuck in the rut of making the same things all the time. I tend to browse around the net for a recipe only to try it out and it comes out horribly wrong as in too soupy or ever so dry. This issue is mainly because most recipes don’t specify which size capacity cooker the recipe is written for. But the authors of The Great America Slow Cooker book took this issue into consideration not offering just a recipe sizing in one format but instead offers three conversions for the most common size crock pots!

There are 500 recipes in this book! The main categories include; Breakfast, Soups, Meat, Poultry, Fish & Shellfish, Vegetables & Side dishes, and desserts & party drinks. Under those categories are subcategories that help you find exactly what you may be looking for extremely easy. For example under the Meat category you fnd subcategories such as Beef, Pork, Lamb, Veal & Rabbit. So if I have pork in my freezer and needing to know what to do with it, I can simply browse through that subcategory and pick something out.


The introduction has great tips. Such as the difference between mincing, dicing, & chopping. Also explained is how to read the recipes. Each recipe has a title, how much effort the recipe will take, serving size, prep time, cook time, and if the recipe keeps well on warm and if so how long. The recipes are in table format which has each of the 3 sizes ( 2-3 quart, 4-5 quart, and 6-8 quart) in a separate column. Followed by the recipe is the instructions on how to put it together ending with tester notes. The tester notes are information offer ingredient alternatives, tricks on how to handle certain ingredients in the recipe, and overall helpful information which is recommend to read before you start cooking. Some of the recipes have a Serve It Up section which offers suggestions for side dishes that go well with that specific dish.


I’ve made a few dishes from this book and each came out great tasting and not overcooked or under-cooked in the least bit! I’ll state that this book has really allowed me to expand my horizons greatly and I’ve hardly even scratched the surface of all the great recipes within the pages.  Some of the recipes you’ll find are deviled eggs, brocoli soup, sesame chicken wings, peanut butter chocolate chip blondies, and many more! I feel that in no time I’ll be mastering quite a bit when it comes to my crockpot cooking! I’m letting everyone I know about this cookbook and feel that anyone that has a crockpot shouldn’t be without it. Highest of recommendations!


Interested in Purchasing?  The Great American Slow Cooker Book: 500 Easy Recipes for Every Day and Every Size Machine is available on in paperback and kindle version.

Disclosure: I received this book for free from Blogging for Books for this review.  The opinions are my own or my immediate family members, based on our personal experience of the title.