Let’s Sew Together Simple Projects the Whole Family Can Make {Book Review}


Let’s Sew Together: Simple Projects the Whole Family can make is a delightful book. The main goal from the author is for a family to sit down together and create something unique. In doing this, you’ll be building long lasting irreplaceable memories. Children will take delight in creating something with their loved ones and no doubt feel quite accomplished with their completed craft. This book is much more than just sewing by any means. Along with the many sewing patterns, there are no-sew projects, painting & drawing, suggested book reading lists, teaching moments, and recipes! Age appropriate tasks for children from ages two to ten years old are given if they aren’t old enough or quite ready to start sewing just yet.

As you open the book, you’ll find a introduction that gives a little background on the book and suggestions in how it can be used. There’s a Let’s Start Sewing section that informs you what tools you’ll need and how to use the book. There project levels which are Sew Quick, Make In An Afternoon, & Take Your Time. Being new to sewing myself, I appreciate knowing how much time I will probably have to take to finish a project and planning accordingly. Sewing and embroidery techniques are shared in detail. If you already are pretty advanced you can just skim that area but if your child is aiming to learn how, it’s important to go over this area and refer back to it if you need to jog your memory.


There are five categories; Let’s Get Dressed, Let’s Eat!, Let’s Learn!, Let’s Play, & Let’s Celebrate. The book has a total of 30 simple projects great for boys or girls and the pattern templates that will need copied and enlarged can be found in the back of the book. There are toy robots, rag dolls, placemats, fabric necklaces, shorts, skirts, travel the world quilt, zippered pouches, banners, garlands, slipper and much more! The full color photography and step by step for each project are eye appealing and easy to follow! I like that if your child many not want to try sewing that they can still participate by picking out fabrics and using specific markers or paint on the fabric used on a given project. You can make the project at hand more fun by picking up some of the suggested books at the library and doing some of the educational play activities mentioned in the book.

I plan on incorporating this book into our homeschooling. The rainy season here in Oregon can be long but that doesn’t mean we can’t make our own sunshine indoors with activities mentioned in this book! I’ve looked over this book with my son and my daughter ages 3 1/2 and 6 years old and they are pretty excited about going to the fabric store to collect a few supplies to get started!

Interested in Purchasing? Let’s Sew Together: Simple Projects the Whole Family Can Make can be found in most local bookstores and on Amazon.com in e-book and paperback format for $10.00-$15.00. I would highly recommend this if you are aiming to get more crafty with your children.

Disclosure: I received this book for free from Blogging for Books for this review.  The opinions are my own or my immediate family members, based on our personal experience of the title.