LeapFrog LeapReader Read and Write Book Set: Ready, Set, Kindergarten {review}

The LeapFrog LeapReader Read and Write Book Set: Ready, Set, Kindergarten is a great learning tool that is sure to boost confidence in learning or just practicing essential academic skills.  I’ve been using this set with my son that’s starting k4 this Fall. He has constantly asked me for this set and has had me sit with him while checking it out. He has also explored the three included book titles all on his own with his Leap Frog LeapReader device. The Summer season isn’t quite over so when out and about running errands and before getting to set destinations he’s been bringing this along in the car to pass the time. The books in this set along with the LeapReader (not included) are quite travel friendly! Honestly what better a way to pass the time than learning and having fun with it too! leapfrog
In this set there are three interactive books; Daniel’s Pirate Adventure, Pilar’s Reading Hideout, & Grace’s Attic Exploration. The characters are fun and their stories are engaging. The books all together make up 10 key kindergarten skills which are rhyming, letter recognition, early handwriting, understanding books & print, counting & numbers, patterns, shapes, making scientific observations, classifying, & asking science-focused questions.  The books have specific icons to recognize when going through the book. Icons are Read the Page, Read the Story, Game, Repeat, and Stop. My son caught on to what each icon did rather quickly. He can spend quite a bit of time just exploring one book. He loves the games, being able to click on the things in the illustrations, and being able to tap on each word individually and hear it played back to him too.leap3
Along with the books, there are 30 activity worksheets. These worksheets are one use only. It’s not recommended to stack the papers but to use them on a table or clipboard. These sheets are right on par with what a child will be learning in the books.  Sheets feature fun games such as find the words, let’s draw, follow the path, let’s write, find the hidden pictures, connect the dots, find the shapes, and find the images. In addition to the worksheets there a pretty neat interactive poster titled “All About Today”. We plan on using this poster everyday so my son start recognizing the days of the week, what season it is, how the weather is outside, and more. He loves being able to click on everything to find out what it is.leapfrog2
The learning factor and replay factor of this set is high! Though the mess-free sheets are just one use only, you can supplement what they are learning with other similar activity sheets. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this set. It’s fun, educational, easy to travel with or to use at home, great for introducing a child to what they’ll be learning in kindergarten or supplementing what they are learning if they’ve already started. My son says he likes it and gets excited about learning new things and that’s good enough for me!

Interested in Purchasing?  The LeapFrog LeapReader Read and Write Book Set: Ready, Set, Kindergarten (for LeapReader) can be purchased for $19.99. Do note that you’ll need a LeapReader device for this set to work for you.

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own or my immediate family members, based on our personal experience with the product.