InstaCraft Fun and Simple Projects for Adorable Gifts, Decor, and More {Review & Giveaway}

InstaCraft is a fabulous book to have if you are looking for a bit of inspiration to be more creative. The 50 crafts found in this book are all fun and super simple to make. What’s thrilling is that many of the materials needed for a number of the crafts I found to already have around my own home such as bobby pins, sharpies, nail polish, tape, twine. paint, and more. This book is a great go to for quick gifts, trendy decor, and a lots of fun either to create on your own or with family and friends! You’ll be saving money and people I imagine will be most pretty impressed with all the hand and homemade flare you’ll soon be creating to perk up gifts and liven up your home! It’s really that simple!

In this book, there are seven main crafting categories followed by the Index and Acknowledgments section. The main crafting categories are as follows; Spray, Cut & Hang, Write & Paint, Pin & Fold, Tape & Glue, Dip & Stamps, and the last category Instacraft Extras! You can browse through each section or decide to chose a craft from the content section which helpfully has the page number for each craft that can be created. The number of different crafting mediums are great and the crafts are all simple enough to finally get your feet wet if never using those materials before!

Each craft found in the book features a photo of what it should look similar to when created on the right and on the left are the instructions. The page of instructions has the category it is located in on the right top corner. There is a title often followed by a word from the author. Below the title and word from the author are two boxes. The materials box features what’s needed to craft the project at hand with doodled illustrations. The second box features the directions which consist of never really more than 4 to 5 steps. Each project features a helpful tip!


Upcycling is something great and that’s basically a great factor of this book. You are inspired to take something that was just sitting around and make it something not just new but something beautiful as well. I’ve made a few crafts out of this book from taking old nail polish and using it for paint and tie-dye watercolor with sharpies on fabric to make some really neat designs. I am excited to do more not just on my own but with my children too. There’s a really cute craft called “Boo Bottles” that takes old milk bottles and makes some pretty cool Halloween decor. There’s so many great and easy crafts.

I can’t recommend this book enough. You’ll be well on your way in creating one of a kind wrapping paper, personalized stationary, Sweethear Sugar Jars, and so much more. This book would be fabulous to add to your own bookshelf as well as lovely gift to inspire some craftiness in a friend or family member.

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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of InstaCraft: Fun and Simple Projects for Adorable Gifts, Decor, and More by By Alison Caporimo and Meera Lee Patel through Ulysses Press.  I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own or my immediate family members, based on our personal experience with the product.